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Favorite lipless crankbaits???

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What is yalls favorite lipless crankbaits?  Size, color, brand?  How would you suggest to use (fish) one?  This is something that I want to start fishing with this year but haven't had much success in the past with.

What type of forage do you fish these baits around? What season are they best used in?

Lots of questions but I really need help on this one.
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Hey, tex, ya can't go wrong with the rattltrap. I have had good luck on the shad colors and the craw colors, esp. in the springtime over grass. Chrome/blue, crawdad, and rayburn red are really good colors to have.In my limited experience, the craw colors seem to work better in stained water. The only time I really fish these lures is in prespawn, between my jig phase and fluke phase. I am sure they are effective more times than that, but these are the only times I have dedicated myself to throwing them.
RattleTrap good all around choice, the chrome/blue and black have always been good producers. I have always packed the 1/4 and 3/8 oz sizes. The rattletrap can be used anytime to catch active bass or hook up a reaction strike. However, these are super baits for schoolies.

You can chunk and wind, add a pause, change speeds, yoyo it off the bottom. A real effective presentation in FL is ticking the tops of the grass and when it hangs, rip it loose (stout rod / soft tip) and pause just for a split second and then hang on, Larry can't stand it. Good luck, hope this helps

Man right now bro is the time to be throwing red rattle traps at Fork or any other east Texas lake. You definitely do not know what you are missing. Water temps when I used to throw those out there was between 48-65 after this I would start using spinnerbaits and then soft plastics such as senkos and such as fish where beginning to get on or around their beds.

No need to throw rattletraps at weeds or grass only. Basically any bank will do. I like to burn them in and reel fast. This is no doubt one of the best techniques in the winter time in Texas and most of the country. If you know of any lakes that had allot of lilly pads then go to that area and you will see dried up stems sticking up either out of the water or just under the water. Those stems hold lots of bass in the winter time. Chunk that trap in there or a spinnerbait or even a small diving crank. One of my favorite cranks for this was a tiny deep diving little N. Those are killer cranks in the winter.

I have taught a few Florida boys out here the potential of lipless crankbaits. Oddly enough many do not use them out here????? Red is a color that works best when the water is cold or very stained. Shad colors will work best the rest of the year.

Good luck. Oh yeah, change out the hooks on the Bill Lewis ones. Use #4 or #6 depending on your preference. Personally I like 2 #4 treble's in red.
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Well, yall talked me into buying some. Thanks for all the information guys.
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