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Favorite Lake or Lakes if you cant pick just one

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I was just wondering what everyones fav. lakes are...I know everyone has their goto lakes that they have to hit whenever possible...There may be a similar post that i missed i was just curious.

my fav has to be Dale Hollow in KY and TN...I have to make the trip and hit it at least 2 times a year
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Hmmm, I reckon East Lake Toho and ISTOKPOGA..

I havent fished them much, but done fairly well in our club tournaments there.
I only know about the ones in Texas so that isn't all that fair so please don't be offened when I choose just Texas Lakes.

Crappie and bream fishing----Caddo Lake

Bass Fishing----Lake Fork, Pruitt Lake, Martin Creek

Catfishing---Lake O' The Pines
Well, now that I'm in Mississippi, I'm sure it will change this spring, but I have to say Lake Monticello in Texas, descent size fish, major numbers!!

Big fish of course Fork like Bass Pro, and I am very partial to the upper river part of Texarkana Lake!

Cya on the Water!
Well, I recon it is the lake I am on. I have never fished a place I did not like.

If I have to pick just one then it would be South Carolina Santee Cooper's lower lake (Moultrie). This is where I gained respect for the sport and those all those who fish with passion.

I don't get home much anymore but the lower lake is still my all time favorite.
In Texas would be Callender Lake hands down. (Private lake) Next would be Lake Fork.

In Florida it would be Ansin Garcia followed by the Stick Marsh. Followed by the St. John's river
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