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Favorite Crankbait?

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What is everyones favorite crankbait? All time favorite one? Favorite one this season?

I'd have to say my all time favorite one is the Rapala SR5. However this season I have really been loving the Lucky Craft RC 1.5! :)

How bout all of you?
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If I could find more or atleast a company that made a bait of the same material and characteristics, Id probably have a totally different favoriet bait.

My dad had two Heddon Flatfish. One is Yellow with green and orange dots the other is black with large sized chrome metal flake. The latter of the two has caught me tons of fish! I use to love to chunk it out and reel it nice and slow so I could feel my rod throb.

I havent cast the bait in about 15 years tho for fear of losing it because it is the only one I own and because it was my dad's and has a lot of sentimental value. Id love to get some more so i can fish them tho. Talk about a deadly bait that fish just can NOT leave alone.
imonembad said:
I have seen a lot of those flat fish baits at lure trading shows. I have a friend who collects old lures and you'd be suprised how in depth these guys get trying to find different rare stuff.     Drew
Have you ever fished one? They have a WICKED thump when you crank em slow. I love it!
I have always thought about carving my own but... thus far I have not set myself to do it. I believe I could carve one though... just need to stop procastinating lol
fisherpal2k said:
  Shad rap sr5, sr7  Bomber #7 and Devils horse.   Can't have just one fave. :D
Woot! Another SR5 man! :cheers:
The Fishing Coach said:
ThundeShad Crankbaits for me.  High quality wood, handmade, run great, sharp hooks, great colors and bill shapes.


This is the first time i have heard of these. Rick Clunn had a hand in the design. Hmm the RC 1.5 is awesome and the price of these Thundershad is great! I think I will have to try some out very soon.
Have ya had much luck with them on Clarks Hill, Coach?
oldschool said:
the Bayou Boggie
I have one of those. I bought it when i was probably 13 or so back in the early 80s
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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