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Is anyone interested in making a fantasy fishing group for the BASSMASTER site? I had a hell of a lot of fun with it last year but I didn't know anyone I was playing against. Hell I don't know any of you but it feels like I do. It really is a lot of fun and you can be as complex with it as you want or as simple as you want. Registration starts Feb 2nd.
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Never done it before but would be interested. It could be fun----oooops, said that before and wound up in some legal problems!!!!!! Yep, I'll try it :D :D :D
I'm in, but have no clue how this is done. Can you give me some pointers?

Sounds like fun -
I might bite. How's it work?
The bassmaster site has two separate games. The super six and a regular league. The super six is fun and risky you simply pick the final six anglers. The closer your guy is the more points you earn. He who has the most points wins. You pick every tourny the six you want for that tourny. The other game is the one where we would form a group and compete against one another it works like this: You have a certain amount to spend on anglers lets say $50.00 your top anglers are the most expensive and than they weed down. For instance Ike and KVD are $24 and that is as high as it gets. you have to have five anglers to play so your lower tier guys are where its at. You score points by place, and by limit, and big fish, There are other ways to score but I can't remember them right off I don't know how many of you guys are members off the bassmaster site you are going to have to sign up to play. Beware the forums are cut throat!! I've been in several war of words over stating what I thought.
KVD will be on my list, price regardless. I am a member there, but haven't been to their forums since I discovered this one and the "resource" site. BTW, I am clunnjr over there, dunno how to change the name.
Cool, I am a member so let me know if it is a go. I will try anything once
count me in lets us know the name of the team .
great idea by the way. guess ur tired of being inside too. lol
I say we call it The Bassholes. That way it won't be hard to remember and maybe we can do some recruiting! I have heard that the site doesn't open until Feb. 2 I'll stay on it and keep everyone posted. I did not get in last year until the middle of the season and that makes it difficult to catch up in the league. The super six starts new everyweek I think. It really is a lot of fun, it puts some life into whats going on during the first days of the tourney.
Excellent! Count me in! :)

I'm guessin I dont have to tell yall that I like the team name lol
I just checked the Bassmasters site and registration starts the 2nd of feb. You can find out all about the rules and register on the site if you need to now to be ready when the league starts.
How do you register? Especially with a team like what you are talking about.
the name might be a problem over there since they block so many words it might not be allowed.
but sure sounds good to me
You can't register with the group yet because it is not open until feb2nd. But you can register for the site. I will try to have the group set up and let everyone know the name via here on the 2nd.
It looks like it will accept our name however we need a motto any ideas? Let me know ASAP I will get on first thing tomorrow and get us set up! Cool! later. Drew
I am having trouble putting our group in. I don't know what is the deal, however you can set up your picks now. You need to have your ducks in a row four the super six because it easy to get side tracked. I am using the "It takes one to know one" for the motto. I'll keep on messing with it till I can get-r-done.
Can I have the western pro's? Aaron Martens, Dean Rojas, Skeet Reese, John Murray, Ishama Monoe, Gray Klien and Jared Lintner. Pick for the Classic is Aaron Martens, John Murray and Gary Klien.
*Gary Klien was originally from California.
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