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Fall at Chicamauga lake

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  Went fishing the other day and finally got to catch some of the small mouth out of the TN river just below Chicamauga dam.  We got there at about 7am and started up river from the ramp. Hadn't been there but about 15 minutes and the fight was on! Got a 4-9 smallie in the boat and re-rigged for another drift. Partner latches into one but he can't turn it around. Lost it at boat side and went back for another drift.  All in all we caught about 25 fish for the day including a 3-11 smallie two spots over 3 and quite a few smaller fish. 
  Water was flowing from two generators and the current was about right. Water temp was 65 and we used grubs and 1/4 oz.  jigs in pumpkin, blue and white  and chartruse colors. Also dunked a few minnows but the spots was all we caught on the minnows. Have fun and catch what you can today cause it may be raining tommorow!


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Wow what a beautiful smallie that is! God I wish I had smallies closer than a 3 hour drive from me. When I lived in Connecticut, catching smallies was almost a daily thing. Been in SC 12 yrs now and the one thing i miss the most about the north east is the smallies!

Is that a Stratos you are on? Kinda looks like what the seat says ;-)

Great report and great picture! Thank you for sharing them with us! :cheers:

Nope its a Procraft. I got the seats from another boat. I have always wanted to go and try the great North smallies ;D I have heard it is awsome. If they fight any better than these around here they are worth the trip...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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