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eyes were bigger than mouth

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yesterday i was jig fishing and didnt feel anything but my line started going left, so i set the hook and started to reel but nothing was on the other end. So after i made sure nobody saw me make a fool outta my self i started watching my line move to the right this time set, the hook and reeled in the line only to see a bass about 4 inches long! he had the tail of my uncle josh jumbo pork trailer in his mouth , he couldnt even get the whole thing in his mouth! Just as i was getting the line in the boat he let it go that was gonna be my "lunker of the year" photo!! Dave
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Sounds like the fishin rehab is coming along fine. The first rule of flipping and pitching is if the line moves set the hook worry about what you looked like later. Hopefully you'll be hooked up and no one will care.
Yup therapy is going awesome im making good progress. Hopefully i will be able to drive my truck and other things that will enable me to start fishing tournements in the next few months. Take it easy everybody ill be out of town for a few days taking Kylie to see her family in New Orleans. Talk to you guys in a few. Dave
:D My personal worst is a 6" taken on a 5" senko.
Hey, don't feel bad about that. Once I was flipping and a boat full of guys I know came up to watch the new technique. It took a long time for flipping to catch on, and it's still rare to see. "Hey, JIM, you need a long CANE pole for dat, boy. Wassa matter wit you?" Well, I stuck to my business, determined to show them a thing or two. Sure enough, the line dimpled the water surface then began veering off left. I set the hook. I mean REALLY set it. Rearing back I crossed that fish's eyes. Well, it came out of the water, sailed over the boat, came off the hook, and landed right by those guy's boat. A 6" largemouth. "HARAHHHHH YUK YUK" came my way. To my knowledge none of those fellas ever took up flippin, seeing a very bad example. "Been flippin any more of them weinnie bass lately?" When you see them out there the three must surely cover a mile of casting every stop. And I've never known them to hold a fish fry, either. They come to mine.

Great story Jim, I think that must happen to every flipper in the world.
Heres a couple images I got of couple trophies I was fortunate to get in the boat! LOL

Just to give ya a better idea of his size, that is a Rapala SR5 lol

this little scrapper hit a 4.5" slug-go lol
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Here is my Lunker wannabe for 2006. This was a 4.5" Bass hitting a 4" lure. haha.

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FINALLY!!! A page where all my fish from last year belong. ;D
Wow, yall need to submit them to BASS for the lunker page lol rofl
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