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Ever had a day like......

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Well this morning got up put the boat in was headin out ready for a good day. Well good it wasnt, see theres grass flats about a half mile off shore (Lake Okeechobee) and about 25 yards running parelell to the grass thers thick patches of sawgrass,and a BIG sand bar on the other side of the saw grass. So I was wanting to fish the saw grass because there was wind 5-10, so i kill the motor and put the trolling motor down only to have it completely die no constant, no mometary, nothin. So now im even with the saw grass and wouldnt you know it the wind picks up to 35 mph gusts out of nowhere next thing i know I meet Mr. Sandbar . Well after trying for awhile to push the boat off enough to get the prop in the water i finally gave in and called a airboat tour place to come pull me out. Then the airboat guy decides to pull me about 500 yards past where I needed to go got thoughly soaked, by the way it was abnormally chilly today, so me and the guy at the marina who supposedly fixed the switch on the trolling motor about a week ago had some words today. But ive learned being a grunt in the Marines, correct me if im wrong imonebad, just when you think things are at worst, remember it can always be worse.... hell it couldve rained today. Later Dave
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Sorry about your day Dave. There's always tomorrow... or the next day... or week... Smile. It can be worse, believe me... so, smile.
snow wouldve definately been worse! Dave
dave0331_69 It could have been worse. You could have forgetten to put in the drain plug like a friend of mine did once.
my cell phone wouldn't have worked! Did you get the trolling motor fixed? Just chaulk it up to boat owner leasons learned. I had my trolling motor worked on this sumer and when I got to the lake it was running backwards. I know how mad it made you.
Last year a guy in our club ran his boat onto a sand-bar on West Lake. ( I wasnt at the tourney but was told about it )

It took a group effort to get him off of it ( after the tourney of course )
I know that sandbar feeling, been there last summer on the St. Johns South of Palatka, it took us a hour to drag the boat off. We were lucky it wasn't tournament day and it was hot. Been there and done that on the Chesapeake Bay several years ago also.
Well finally got the boat back. The guy said it was wired wrong and thats why it went out, but I'm making him give me an extra switch so this doesn't happen again. But its my own fault....kinda next time something like that happens I'm puttin the trolling motor motor away and goin back to the marina! Lesson learned ;D Dave
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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