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Who all gets this ?( Bassmaster Newsletter ) ... I think ive gotten it 2 or 3 times.

I may be wrong ( wouldnt be the first time ) but it seems to me they are doing it because FLW has a newsletter.. ( Yup, stirring the pot here lol rofl )

While im at it, GYCB even has a newsletter ( which I do like ) ;D

I don't get it. LOL The newsletter, that is. Could care less about it. They should care more about getting the coverage of the tournaments straight and done correctly, as to how the spectators want it, and not how they want it to be done. Then, they can worry about doing newsletters and charging more money for a magazine that has steadily gone downhill.

Also, if you all haven't seen it, there is a new pic of Perry's WR bass on BASS's website.
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