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Erie Smallies - Sept 28th

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Things haven't exactly been fast paced yet this fall but last time out (Thursday) we got into a few. Lost one that was pushing 4lbs. Landed 9 altogether. Not bad for cold front conditions.

My biggest landed of the evening

My buddy Markus with a couple

There was no hot bait in general. Tubes produced one, 3" grub produced 3, chatterbait produced one (was jigging it), jigging spoon produced a few. Even had live bait out for a bit but nothing but sheephead landed on that.
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dangit! Im at work and behind their dang firewall and cant see your images... what a tease lol 8 more hours and i can view em.. yaye lol

Sounds like you had a good time tho Rich :clap:
Good job Rich
Ah ha! now I can see those beautiful smallies! Great fishing Rich! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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