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I have fished Grand Lake a few times in tournaments. Fairly clear water, rocky bottom, some hydrilla, a riverine lake. Don't look for massive sacks, LMBV hit the lake about 5-7 years ago.

Red Port 11 is friendliest Marina on the they kept hitting on me ;D

As a point of trivia, anyone know what Red Port 11 means?


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Re: Elite Series next stop: Grand Lake, Oklahoma. Day #1.

1. Mike McClelland
2. Tim Horton
3. Matt Reed
4. Joe Thomas
5. Paul Elias
6. Chad Brauer
7. Michael Iaconelli
8. Ken Cook
9. Aaron Martens
10. Jason Quinn

Mike came in with 21 lbs. and 9 oz., while Tim Horton brought in the big bass of the day at 7 lbs. 10 oz.

Edwin Evers is in 13th place, Rick Clunn is in 16th place, Peter T. is tied for 17th with Brent Chapman, Gerald Swindle is in 43rd place, Kevin VanDam is in 49th, Marty Stone is in 70th, and Ish Monroe is in 91st.

For the full standings for Day #1, click: 


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Looks like Grand Lake is just that..........grand.  Especially for Mike McClelland.  He brought 21 lbs. of fish to the scales yesterday, and he did it one better today by bringing 25 lbs. of fishing to the scales.   :eek:  And he also got the Big Bass of the day, which was 7 lbs. 7 oz.

1. Mike McClelland
2. Dean Rojas
3. Jami Fralick
4. Matt Reed
5. Ken Cook
6. Jeff Connella
7. Paul Elias
8. Michael Iaconelli
9. Edwin Evers
10. Kevin Wirth

Aaron Martens is in 12th, Timmy Horton is tied with Bradley Hallman for 13th, Peter T. is in 22nd, Greg Hackney is in 38th, Kevin VanDam is in 43rd, Rick Clunn is in 44th.

Ish missed the cut by finishing in 77th.
For the full standings, click:


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Re: Elite Series next stop: Grand Lake, Oklahoma. Day #3

Well, the top 12 have been decided, and one name keeps making the cut........Michael Iaconneli.

Here are the 12 for the last day of fishing:

1. Mike McClelland
2. Matt Reed
3. Greg Gutierrez
4. Jeff Connella
5. Paul Elias
6. Jami Fralick
7. Edwin Evers
8. Ken Cook
9. Chad Brauer
9. Michael Iaconnelli
9. Aaron Martens
12. Dean Rojas

For the standings in the rest of the field, click:

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Re: Elite Series next stop: Grand Lake, Oklahoma. Final Day.

1. Mike McClelland  79-07
2. Matt Reed  63-14
3. Greg Gutierrez  63-00
4. Edwin Evers  57-07
5. Dean Rojas  57-05
6. Paul Elias  57-02
7. Jeff Connella  56-12
8. Ken Cook  56-08
9. Aaron Martens  56-01
10. Michael Iaconelli  54-15
11. Chad Brauer  54-12
12. Jami Fralick  54-09

Congrats to Mike for the win.  Although LMBV hit this lake, it seems that the bass fishing is rebounding.

Dean Rojas got the big bass for the final day, which was 4-15.
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