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East Toho 11/25/06

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I went with a buddy Saturday to Toho in his new (used) Z20 Comanche, wow awesome boat and nice ride too as we had 15-20 mph North wind all day. We didn't do very well, I had one bite on a senko - red shad and one blow-up on the toad and Greg caught one small 13 incher on a fluke. It was a nice day just a little chilly in the morning. We fished from 7:30 am until around 2:00, water temps in the low 60's and murky. We saw a bunch of places where they had sprayed the pads and hydrilla because the pleasure boaters are complaining, wa wa wa, don't take jet boats out over hydrilla and they wouldn't have that problem!
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A guy in our club has a Comanche. It looks like a sweet boat. ( I never got lucky enough to draw out with him )

We was suppose to have our Jan tourney on West Lake BUT we found out there was something like 400 permits for other tournies on that day , so we are gonna go to our back up lake . ( which will be John's Lake which is on the lake / orange county border on hwy 50 )
Man you all are fortunate to get to fish topwater year long. Its 5+months untill the very begining of the top water bite. Does Toho really give up those huge sacks we see on the bassmasters or are those guys that good?
It ain't the boats, it's the skiers complaining! I'd pay to see one of them guys faceplant in some weeds. :rofl1: :neener: That's what I'd do.
imonembad, yes it does give up those big sacks sometimes just like any place if they are biting and you know where to look. Last year in the Toho Pro-am I saw a guy walk up with over 32 lbs., that is unreal!
Im still looking for them . I have yet to have any real luck on West Lake. I like East Lake alot better.
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