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Eagle FishElite 500C & 640C V.S. LMS-520c??

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Im sure this has been discussed but whats the real difference between the fish elite eagle units and the lowrance lms units. Looking at a Eagle 640C seems to be $100 bucks cheaper and pretty much the same unit as a LMS-520C. Are you just paying for the name?
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You are comparing two different size units, the Eagle is 640V X 480H screen unit verses the Lowrance 480V X 480H.
Eagle is produced from obsolete Lowrance components for the discount market.
The Elite 640c is basically the Lowrance LMS-19c with a little less power. Lowrance offers full service and warranty with their name brand products and a limited warranty with the Eagle brand.
The LMS-520c is the upgraded version of the LMS-332c, 480V X 480H unit. The upgrades are net work connections, antenna and internal chip memory.
Lowrance offers annual updates for the name brand products for the cost of shipping and very good customer service. Eagle products are repaired by Lowrance for a service fee. The products are good, it's just top of the line,state of the art verse last years technology at a lower price.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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