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Eagle FishElite 500C & 640C V.S. LMS-520c??

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Im sure this has been discussed but whats the real difference between the fish elite eagle units and the lowrance lms units. Looking at a Eagle 640C seems to be $100 bucks cheaper and pretty much the same unit as a LMS-520C. Are you just paying for the name?
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Well boys, looks like daddy got a new toy. :dance01:

My wife ( God bless her ) got me the Eagle Fish Elte 500C.
2 of the guys in my club have the same unit, so after talking to them, she got it for me. ( was suppose to get it for me on that special invite Sunday at BPS. But they didnt have it in stock, so they got it from another store.. Got my triple bonus points, plus an extra 500 from the event on Sunday... They honored it for me )

We picked it up today and Al and I installed it this afternoon. He gave me a crash course, but I done forgot what he said. :cussin: Got to thumb the manual a bit tonight for my tournament tomorrow :cool2:

I wont look a gift horse in the mouth so I wont be complaining about the unit I got.( beats what I had ) :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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