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drop shotting flys

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just had an idea that flys would work on a drop shot. kinda like reversed float n fly; the fixed point is at the bottom. the very subtle motion of maribou, flash, rabbit fur etc would seem to fit with the idea of drop shot finesse. tried to try it today on speckled trout but a howlin wolf noreaster with rain made assessing it a little sketchy. just wondered if any of you have tried it.
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Haven't tried it but it sounds like it would work.
I've rigged wet flies on a drop shot for bluegill, cast into spawn beds. 4# line and a small float in 5' of water, up to 4 flies at once. Works great for that. I've never caught a keeper bass on a small fly. Bream love them.

No, but I read in bass mag. that one of them pros did it and loved it. I think it was Frank Skalish. Of course, pro fishermen could catch bass on anything, if thier sponsor paid them to do it. :)
I have caught smallies on a fly, I am sure they would bite one on a drop shot in spring...especially on the great lakes, where scalish is from!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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