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Drop shot tip

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Now many of you may think drop shots are for slow fishing, or hitting a dock with, but I am telling you, this here catches a ton of fish.

In those dog days of summer, I can garentee you can go catch a 15 or 20 pound bag, easily! Basically this is how you do it. Take your conventional senko, and pick a color, preferable to the weather conditions, clarity, and the lakes personal likes of colors. Throw that on a drop shot rig. A good 3 inch or 4 inch senko is perfect. Now take this and find a shoreline that has a quick drop off. You will want a shore that has alot of docks, and about 6-8 feet from the dock it is about 10-12 feet deep. You will want to randomly pitch this drop shot, and let if fall. Once at bottom crank it in a bit, and repeat. Its almost like dragging a carolina rig, but different. These bass love hanging at this area for many reasons, including in case of forage, weather conditions, and the water temp is a bit lower. Remember your best bet is outside of weeds, but rocks are also a excellent bottom. Try it out next time, you might get surprised.

The NUMBER one time is fishing this before and through rain, and mornings after a rainfall around deeper wooden structures.

Good Luck!
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If you are fishing for suspended fish it feels like someone swam up and tied a boot on to your line.
I use 6# test fluro unless getting into trees might move up to 8 never heavier than that in clear water.
I am fishing it in clear deep water my target zone is right under my transducer. I am watching the fish come to the bait. I do pitch it in to docks also
No need to wait til spring I catch most of my winter fish drop shotting
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