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Here's my favorite method. It's called tightlining. Unlike trolling where you control your depth with the speed of your trolling motor, with this method if you see fish down 10 ft you let out 11 foot of line and your right in there faces. Also if you want to go up to a dock and reverse it's not a problem. With trolling you just have to keep moving or your jig's will be dragging the bottom. We prefer ron's zip jig's (small mylar jig) with the smallest minnow's the bait store has! Another little trick that helps is the loop knot. This will give the jig lot's of movement when trolling or tightlining.. whew. too much typing.. Hope this pic's works.. The other is of my rig. I have 6 holder's in the back and 8 in the front. Usually dont load them up though. This is my daughter's absolute favorite type of fishin'... Sorry about going on and on, I drank a redbull and it's midnight! WIDE AWAKE!!! :sad01: :coffee01:

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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