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Discussion about Ike's win.

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First off, I would like to make my stance clear. I do not condone the actions of Ike at the Classic, and although I feel that he has paid the price for doing what he did, I feel that all the nay-saying that is going on now should not be happening.

With that said, are you glad that Ike is back to his winning ways, or would you have just wished that he would just have slipped off into nothingness?

I personally believe that Ike is truely sympathetic about his actions, and although he feels that he did no wrong, he does realize that he upset a lot of people. I am glad that he's back on top, and I hope that he gets a new boat sponsorship soon.

A lot of the old school anglers thought that when Ranger pulled the plug on him, that a lot of this other sponsors would follow suit, especially with the weight that the name of Ranger Boats carries in the bass fishing industry. They also felt that Ike would slip away, never to heard from again.

Not only has Ike not slipped away, he's in the hunt for the Angler of the Year, and he just won the Guntersville Elite tournament. If he's able to keep in the top 10 or 15 for the rest of the season, and has the chance of getting another win, he could very well be AOY.

Ike is an incredible talent and is an extremely impressive angler. I just hope that he's able to stay on the top of his game, and continues to produce in the Elite Series tournaments.

What are your thoughts about Ike?
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I guess I have mixed emotions about IKE.
I have met him in person ( The Harris Chain ) and he SEEMS to be a super nice guy. He was all to happy to give his autograph and to have his picture taking with you. ( He didnt brush anyone off )

I also have his book which I enjoyed reading very much. It realy gives you a look at what a PRO Angler. or someone trying to go PRO, goes through. ( all the hardships )

I cant or wont argue about his fishing abilities. I think the man is a fishing machine.

I just dont care for all his crazy antics on the water. All the hollering and screaming etc.. Now, I can understand some emotion ( excitment ) when you catch a fish, but a 2 pounder dont deserve to go overboard with it. ( you'd swear he had a 10+ pounder the way he hollers lol )

Then of course IKE needs to control his temper. Heck we all get mad from time to time , but you cant go around breaking stuff to let off steam.

So, there you have my mixed feelings towards IKE.
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