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I hope I'm not coming off as a know it all or fix all I just am participating in the contest. I put a dip net on a quality paint roller extension to help me get those hard to get fish that live behind the dock cables. If I get one tangled back in the cables the extension lets me get to them before they break me off. This thing also help me win a tournament this spring when I was a hundred miles from home and my trolling motor cable broke. I whipped out my paint roller and used it as a push pole which kept me fishing instead of having to trailer and go home.
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You arent coming off as that at all Imonem. The whole idea of the forums, let alone the contest, is for everyone to share what we know. We all can learn something from one another.

Dont ever think we see you as a know it all simply because you are participating and actively posting. If we had a bunch more members like you who actively posted, this forum would really start to rock and become very active. :)

Thanks for sharing and participating Imonem!  :cheers:
I bet ya these tips will help someone down the road. Keep a posting !!
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