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DING DING DING!! #300!!!!

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We did it! We hit the 300th member!! WOOO HOOOO!!

Date Registered: Today at 07:06:58 PM
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Dog gone it - missed by 9 days - Oh well it is still good news
Kewl deal !!! well, except I didnt win lol
I missed it by eight! Dang! But WOOHOO :dance01:! We have made it to 300 members :victory:! Thanks Jared! This is a great place to be! And what is really cool... when we hit 3000(and you know we will) We can all say that we were a part of the beginning :notworthy:... :cheers:
Holy Crap Highrider26! LOL

highrider26 said:
march 2 2007 at 7:06 pm
Man if they aint dead on I dont know what is!! LOl Hey how about give us some numbers that we can use to play the powerball with?? LOL

Congratulations Rich! You are without question the winner! You were off by 58 seconds!! Thats AMAZING especially considering the fact that you made your guess almost a week ago when we had over 20 members to go before we hit 300!

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
Congrats !!!!
Congrats! Now tell me how you did it??? :rofl1:
Congrats. Great job Rich.
woooooo hooooooo
thanks every one
if i could tell u the powerball #s i wouldn't have to work in the morning.i wonder where that cop is from???????
later all
Need a pic of him in the uniform.... ;D
he is married but who knows lololol there will be another office signing up soon too sweet tea or something is his name
congrats bro!! me and you need to get to a casino ASAP just pm me!! ;D Dave
sure i'm up for it if it means i don't have to look at these frozen lakes for a few days
just one small thing u are 900 miles from me.lool
Yup thats a wee bit of a problem! You would think with all the technology we have these days they would've already had a car like the one they had on the cartoon "The Jetsons"! Dave
Nice and good guess. You da man!!!
Congratulations Highrider26, that was one helluva guess !!! PM me with your info and I'll get to work on your prize package ;D
A huge thank you to you Karl for sponoring this contest! :clap: :cheers:
My pleasure Jared. I just hope they get a good workout :D
thank you jared and karl,
karl, i'll p.m. you with the shipping info.
thank you all.
thanks jared for such a great site.
thank you karl for all the great free stuff and the giveaways.
you are all great bassholes lol.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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