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Did a Little Fishing Today

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Well, I got out to do a bit of fishing in my pond today for an hour or so. Water temps were reading about 59 - 62 degrees so I just stayed on the move with the trolling motor low and used small soft jerkbaits and a Rapala SR5. I didnt catch anything with any size to it but I caught about a dozen. Most of them came off of a 4.5" soft jerkbait. I caught a few of them sight fishing and even though they were small, it was still a rush. I think I could have caught a couple bigger fish that I saw cruising the shallows but like I dummy I forgot my polarized glasses (and was too lazy to pull the boat to shore and walk back to the house to get them :wack: lol) so I couldnt keep my eye on them for long.

I believe I'm gonna put in again tomorrow too. This time Im bring my polarized lenses. :D
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good luck!!! all I got to do was yard work. LOL
Must be a decent sized pond if you have to use a trolling motor. I am jealous ;) But hey a dozen no matter what size is fun.
its about 5 acres. Its not literally MY pond but I am the only one with permission to fish it and its 100 feet from my front door so i call it mine lol and yes even the small ones were fun ;)
Good job Jared. Sounds like you had a blast.
I'm jealous...
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