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Daiwa Capricorn XTC Reels, anyone have any input?

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I see that Dick's Sporting goods has an exclusing on these baitcasting reels by Daiwa. They feature 9 ball bearings and a free floating spool. They have it on sale this weekend for $79.95 I believe. That is $60 off the regular price.

Has anyone used or know anything about these reels? They are new for 2007. Does Daiwa sell these elsewhere under a different name through other retailers?

Thanks guys and gals.

Here is a picture of it:

Compare that to the Procaster Rojo. Looks very similar:

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Ok, I called Daiwa and asked them about this reel and spoke to a helpful young man who said that the XTC reel is basically the same reel as the Pro Caster Rojo and both are made in Korea. He also informed me that none of the Advantage reels are made in Japan as Tom suggested but that they are made in Tailand. In fact, only their high end reels are made in their Japan plant. They have reels made in Taiwan, Tailand and Korea which are their mid grade $130 retail and below reels.

Pretty interesting. I think I will pass on this great deal by Dick's. The Rojo sells for $89.95. Dick's basically trumped up the retail price of the XTC reel to then lower it for their weekend sale going on. It is still $10 lower then the Rojo but these are average reels not high end reels.

Just thought I would post back what I found out.
I will check with a few pro's, however they already told me the best reel for the money is Daiwa's Advantage ST and thats what they replacing the Shimano Carado with because of the high end drags, gears and bearings.
Thanks Tom.
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