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D & D Sinkers and tackle

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i recieved my order from daniel today and every thing is exactly what i wanted.where else can you get a quality spinner bait made the way you want it for 3.75 everything looks great.very fast shipping.The poison tail jigs look great and the hair jigs do too. man i can't wait to get on the water.
thank you daniel
a great product for a VERY good price
thanks again
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I should have written this sooner... but I recieved soime of his baits too... and they are some very high quality made baits! You can tell that Daniel put a lot of care into making all his baits. The hair jigs look awesome and I cant wait to try them! :thumbup01:
I got my dozen spinnerbaits too, and they are really pretty. Come post-spawn I'll give them a workout. I tied a couple on last trip out just to see how they swim, and they performed perfectly. High quality craftsmanship!

I post a somewhere on here about the lures I got and I agree with everyone else. High quality baits. A+++

:clap: :clap: :clap:
I have to say the same thing. I finally ordered some of his hair jigs. They are very well made. I can't wait to fish them. :clap: Hey, Daniel, I'll be ordering more from you soon. You won't be waiting forever for the check this time, either.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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