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My wife just booked a 7 day cruise for us in February for our anniversery. We are going on Carnival and visiting the same Islands we did when we got married aboard ship. ( Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten )
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congrates dude sounds fun! I hope it doesn't cause you to miss the bassmaster classic, LOL.
I went to the classic this year as it wasnt to far for me. ( under 1 hour drive )

I enjoyed our last cruise and hope the weather is great once again for this one.
Yall will have a blast. I hope one day that me and my wife will be able to go. 2 more years and we will be married for 10 amazing years.
My sister and her hubby from Alaska are talking about coming back down to go on the cruise also. And 2 sets of their friends who still live in Florida ( that they went to school with ) are talking about going too.
Congratulations! I have always wanted to go on a cruise. Have a great time.
Wow have a great time Rodney. Like Mary said, I've always wanted t o go on a cruise. I think a cruise to Alaska would be awesome!

Honestly, anywhere would be cool to go as long as I dont have to fly lol
I think yall would enjoy a cruise if yall ever went on one. They treat you like royalty ( they did us anyways )

Now a cruise may stink if the weather is bad, but when we went we had great weather. ( so I dont know how much rocking a ship of that size will do in rough weather )

They got all kinds of drinks, but you got to watch it on them alcohal drinks, they do cost you $$. ( even a coke cost ya $$ ) But they did have these drink stations in places that was free ( punch, lemonade and a few other types I believe )
Better watch out about all those groceries they keep out. I gained 6 pounds from the last trip. Took a year to lose it. :D

With your recent track record around boats I'm not sure if this is a good idea! lol! just kidding!!
I will just wear my life vest 24/7 when on the ship lol rofl
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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