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Crooked Lake March 10th - 11th 2007

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Our club held its end of the year 2 day tournament ( Classic ) on Crooked Lake, March 10th and 11th.

I arrived down there Wednesday and pre-fished till Friday, with our tournament on the Saturday and Sunday.

I found lots of beds BUT never found any with females on them. I talked to some local guys and they said most had spawned about 2 - 3 weeks ago.

My weekend was so-so. I limited both days ( 5 each day ) After the first day I was in 5th place. BUT on day 2, my area was beat up and I had to finaly go to another area. All I could do was catch little ole dinks. After everything said and done it knocked me to 12th place over-all.

The big bass for the year I had up till the last day when I got beat out.I guess it was poetic justice, for the guy who beat me was the same guy I was with ( in his boat ) when I caught it.

Heres the link to some of the pictures from our Classic ( just the ones I took, I havent received them YET from the others that took pictures )
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I still sounds like you had a good tourny.
Here I am on day 1. A buddy of mine told me to get my 2 biggest fish out. I think he was messing with me while taking my pic. He would be saying, turn your hands, move your arms, turn them again, higher.. Then snapped the picture and went to laughing lol.

I see why he was laughing, The way I ended up holding the fish ( which by the way I had the death grip on )
Congrats on your day and participation. Sorry you lost out on big fish. But at least you still have the memory of that biggun.

Next season you will improve. Thanks for the update also. One of these days I want to check out Crooked lake.
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