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Crooked Lake ( Fl )

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We are having our December tournament tomorrow on Crooked Lake. Normaly our tournaments are on the 3rd Saturday of the month, BUT seeing as it would be to close to Christmas, we hold it on the first Saturday in December.

Ive never been to this lake, but hopefully I will be holding my mouth right and will get a few . :D

Al has told me what he has caught them on , so I will start with that knowledge.

I will put the report up either tomorrow night or Sunday in the correct forum. ( depending how I feel when I get back home )
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Good luck. We will be pulling for you!!! :victory: :cheers:
Well, it was a bad bad day for me. We went to where there was no fish it seems. I had one lousey bite the whole day !!!!! My boater partner managed 2 fish.
Stay up brother if it was easy we'd all be pros.
Tough day. My worst day with a club, the first day me and my boater both weighed 4-5 lbs. The second day, he whacked one on a buzzer first thing and that was the only fish brought to the boat all day. I never even hadd a bite. Worse yet, I thought I had a pattern he would'nt fish. The guy that won the tournament did it on what I thought the pattern for the day was. Next time I fish with a club, it will be in my own boat.
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