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The design I came up with a month ago has caught six species of fish. Not much to look at seeing as one would not expect a rounded tail to to produce much action, but the Zara Spook also had its doubters when it first came out. Length is 1.5" - 2.5" and the lure is rigged on a ball head jig - no barb and unpainted.

The above prototype was actually a mistake where the thin tail melted off in plastic that was too hot. Once it caught the first fish (yp in the photo), I knew it was a keeper design. As with most good designs, time and place effectiveness is not an issue. With curl tail grubs, speed is a factor to keep the tail moving. With stick type baits, the body wag happens with the least imparted motion and like the spook, gets a fish's attention, holds it and provokes an attack.

I use the word provoke, because I don't believe fish are convinced a lure is something it knows is a live animal, whether a part of its normal diet of not. I leave that speculation to those that hawk baits. Lure action and presentation matter most followed by certain colors that seem to work much of the time. I've even caught fish on totally clear plastics I've poured and figured out why they worked:

The visual properties of clear or translucent plastic include internal reflections off the walls of the body. The curvatures produce concentrations of water color that result in a 3D image fish can seen in the lowest light. A plastic's surface, depending on mold or method of pouring, is shinny and reflects tiny flashes even in the lowest light.

Fish eyes are extremely capable of seeing objects in low light as well as color (at least according to Keith Jones Phd in Knowing Bass). Along with vision, the lateral line detects minute lure motion and irritates a fish into investigating and maybe provoking it to strike.

Finesse lures and presentations have been around a long time and catch fish all months of the year. The above fall into a category of lures that have caught hundreds of fish for me and people I've given those baits to try. The core shot color is just another thing that piques the curiosity of fish.
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