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Cooper River 10/21/06

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Lynches River held their October tournament on the Cooper River out of Durham Creek. The results are as follows:
1st Terry Hutchinson 5 fish at 8.01 lbs
2nd Landy Filyaw 5 fish at 7.33 lbs
3rd Jay Owens 4 fish at 7.26 lbs and 2nd big fish of 3.27 lbs
4th Brian Kickery 1 fish at 6.47 lbs and 1st big fish
5th Joe Frye 3 fish at 4.82 lbs
6th Bill Singletary 3 fish at 3.97 lbs
7th Louis Dickerson 3 fish at 3.08 lbs
8th Ben Harmen 2 fish at 2.78 lbs
9th Billy Baxley 2 fish at 2.22 lbs
10th Zig Surawski (my son) 1 fish at 2.15 lbs
11th Ziggy Surawski (me) 1 fish at 1.03 lbs
12th Roland Foxworth 1 fish at .81 lbs
and we had 5 zeros

My son caught his fish early on a toad. Mine came at 2:47 in the afternoon on a jerkbait and I caught a yellow perch that was bigger than my bass on the very next cast. I caught another 5 short fish. I prefished last Saturday and only managed 2 small keepers. The big fish of the tournament came on a shadrap early in the morning.

Our next tournament is scheduled for Santee in November.
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Least ya didnt zero. To bad your other fish was short.
Heya Ziggy!! :) Very glad to see you here again! :clap:

Thats very cool that Hut won! Oh man I know yall heard about it at the landing once he realized he was gonna win! lol Dang I wish I was there.

I dont see Bubba or Richie in that list. Did they fish?
Bubba fished with his son and left early. Richie hasn't fished with us in quite a long time. The river was really crowded that day. I had never seen so many people fishing there at once. I heard that there were at least 4 tournaments going on.
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