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Well, now that i'm finally back i think for good (reasons don't matter lol  ;) ) I thought i'd have to share something cool with ya'll.
Okay so there's this guy that my dad and i fish with (the guy that lets us use his dock to park our boat when we have a tourney on his lake, and we fished the tourney with him last year) and he recently fished a PMTT (Professional Musky Tournament Trail) and the WMT (wisconsin musky tour) and told us "i've got some interesting stuff to share with ya" and i did some snooping and came upon this: his name is Bob Held and him and his buddy took first in this tourney, setting a record and winning $10,000 plus bonus for big fish. This guy is crazy! lol. I assumed that those two registered fish were the only ones they caught that day because any more would just be insane, but believe it or not, they caught three more undersized ones, and lost a 38 incher. Total of 5 muskies in one day, lost another beautiful fish, and still beat the record, I gotta give some respect to this guy for sure! He's a super nice guy too, so nice that we're going musky fishing with him saturday  >:D

Just thought you guys would like to hear that!

(Bob's the one in the blue jacket holding the fish by the way)
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Wow, that is kewl as heck... I bet he didnt share his $$ with ya though, Adam lol
Cool deal Adam. Sounds like the kind of guy that anyone would want to have as a friend and fellow fishing buddy. ;D
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