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Well, most of the time Pro Staff are excluded but being as Mary was the only one who got a new member to join that posted 5 times or more (other than myself and I definitely dont count hehe) I figured Id make an exception and let her take home the prize. ;)

Now if for some reason I missed something and a member did indeed get a new member to join that made a post stating who introduced them to The Bassholes and posted 5 or more posts, then I apologize and will correct my error and award the prize to the proper person, but I believe I checked thoroughly and saw none that did. :(

Hopefully next time we hold a contest like this more member will, and be able to, participate. :D

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I aint done yet!!! :victory:
Thank you all! Especially you Jared for giving us this site to come and gain a wealth of knowledge and meet some wonderful angling friends!!! Your the best!
Btw, you didn't mention me winning when we were on the phone a few minutes ago... Tonya said she would try to sign-up tonight. I'll have to remind her...
Thanks again!
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