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Conesus Lake, NY 7/22/06

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Nothing more satisfying than catching a limit of tournament bass in a driving rainstorm! Only two good times to fish...when it's rainin' and when it isn't! This day started out like gangbusters. My boat cover shredded on the hour drive to the lake. When I launched I realized that my plug wasn't in, and even better, it was gone! So off comes my raingear as I wade in waist deep to put in a back up plug. By then, my raingear was wet on the inside, so I just stowed it and went on with the day like Santiago, ready to catch fish despite all the efforts to dampen my butt AND my enthusiasm.
My partner for the day and I motored only a short distance from the launch because I couldn't see due to the rain and fog, and I had never been on Conesus Lake before. I had done some map review the night before, and I found what looked like a decent spot across the lake from the launch. We worked around a point into a cove that was a little sheilded from the southeastern breeze, and into some thick weeds. It was here that the action started. Using a Texas-rigged Maniac Lures 4" salt stick in crawfish color, I was casting over the weeds and letting the bait settle into pockets. Lots of action here but little fish. We moved on down the weedline to a row of boat docks and I started pitching the salt stick along and in front of the docks. I busted 5 keeper fish in this area. My biggest fish was close to 4 lbs. I alternated between the crawfish and grape colors, but the bass didn't seem to mind. I had my limit by 11am. Unfortunately my bad breaks from earlier in the morning continued as my livewell wasn't working properly and 4 of my fish died. When I caught a kicker fish with about a half hour left in the tournament, the only fish still alive was the big one so I couldn't cull any. I lost a pound to dead fish penalties and finished in 8th place. Still beats a day of work though!

I have OCD--Obsessive Casting Disorder--Terry Condon
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Welcome Terry, sounds like you are gonna fit right in with this gang. I feel you with the boat troubles I think I fished two tournys all year that I wasn't fighting some kind of boat troubles. Wait till you meet Rodney he is the master. Again welcome I look forward to swapping more fishing adventures. Drew
Welcome to the board Terry! :)

Man, now that is a story of perseverance! Just the fact that you still fished, still caught fish and better yet had your limit with all the hardships you had to go through on your tournament day is astounding! Way to tough it out!! Eighth place or not, I'd say you're a winner in my book! :cheers:
Thank you so much for sharing your report with us! :clap:
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