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I don't know if anyone read Mark Hicks article in this months Bassmaster regarding Rick Clunn trying to explain quantum physics and bass fishing. Rick has always been trying to capture or harness the energy of being in the zone. Whats really scary is I can almost understand what he is trying to explain. To understand what it is like to be in the zone, you must have experienced being there.
Sports competitors that entered the zone can perform with extraordinary ease and glide through competition almost like watching someone else performing. Everything is working without trying and you know exactly what to do next. Clunn has been there and is trying to be able to understand how to get in the zone metally on demand.
Unfortunately the stars align when your are not trying, it just happens. Call it positive karma or whatever, you can control the negative elements that cause you stress and fight everything around, the opposite of being in the zone.
Rick gets to the lake a day ahead of time and watches the local environment to get in tune with the rhythm of nature and the ecosystem. Watching the animals, birds and fish interact gets you away from the negative stresses and opens you up to being in the zone. You know where the bass are and what they will react to, all you need to do is execute. The problem is something always seems to interupt the focus and everyday life stresses close the door to the zone. Maybe the next trip everything will fall into place. Good luck Rick with your quest.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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