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club golf 12/2/06

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Our bass club has an annual golf tournament the day of our banquet every year. For most of us fishermen golf isn't exactly our bag. We had a great time though and lucky for my team we had a ringer, one of the guys has a 16 year old son playing on the high school golf team, he carried Richard and I most of the day. Riichard and I would get maybe one good shot out of 7 or 8. We actually won 2 under. I always have to aim way left to hit the fairway and occasionally it goes where I aimed, which happened twice. Once I line drive the ball out into the North bound lane of I-95 (no accidents that I know of) and the second time I sent it right through the golfcart storage building at the 18th hole in front of the clubhouse just missing one guy. I only hit two houses and lost 14 out of the new fifteen pack of balls I just bought.
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I used to golf but it got to exspensive it was either buy leasons or buy some more bass stuff. Golf lost out. When I was in the corps it was cheap to golf some really cool courses now its so damn high I just quit.
I use to ' golf ' alot as a kid. After my dad retired from the army, he became the grounds-keeper at a local golf course. So, needless to say I played everyday. After my dad had his heart attack and had to quit I never played again ( about 30 years ago ). Close as I have come is playing minature golf ( putt putt )
Yea it's to expensive for me as well, I had to borrow clubs and thats the first time I've played in about 15 months. I just like to go out and smash the ball. The only reason I ever even tried it was to do something with my Dad like once a year.
I will stick to fishing!!
Well, I went golfing one time. I was like 19 or20, and some friends of mine had a couple of cases of Bud, a fifth of Jack, and some of an illegal green plant substance that I used to enjoy. :dance01: Needless to say, I wasn't there for the golf. I had to play right-handed because the guy who had clubs was right-handed, and I'm a lefty. I don't remember a whole lot after the front nine, except one guy telling me I'd better hope the groundskeeper did'nt find out who was digging all those ditches on his course. :fight01: Fortunately for him, though, most of those ditches were well off the fairway. :rofl1:
Im getting a mental image of Chevy Chase in caddy shack when he was blind folded, but in his case he made his shots lol rofl ( couldnt resist the razz )
Hi steel that's funny right there now!!!  ;D :rofl1:
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