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Clint and I were talking and I wanted to address something real quick.

Currently we dont have a cutoff period where you are to pay dues, just as long as it is done before you fish in that paid period. That actually created an issue at the Harris tournament because the payouts were exteremly low due to the flex payout system we have that is based on membership per season.

This is what he and I came up with. For any nonmembers who fish and later join, we will continue to do what we have always done; where their extra money that would have gone to payout goes to the end of season/classic payout pot. But for any privious season member who pays late, we will backpay the winners of the current touranment. For example, when Mac pays (and any other spring member who didn't come to the first summer tournament) for the Summer season we will backpay what the winners should have recieved. This makes if fair for the winners so they are not penalized for a member paying late.

Clint and I also discussed the importance of getting your membership dues paid on time so we dont have what happened at the first summer tournament. So, I ask that if you plan to fish the season, prepay before the first tournament. While we are not going to turn away anyone who pays late, I feel if it becomes a problem later on this Summer season or in the Fall season we would need to come up with a different method in 2013.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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