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LakeCityYankee said:
Now all I gotta do is find a lake near me deep enough to try it out in hehe In my area, deep water is 10 foot. Anything over 15 feet is like the Mariana Trench to me
Hey Jared, it has been a while since I have been back home to fish, but if I remember right as you come south out of Lake City on HWY52s to Bonneau Beach and run out of Bonneeau's landing about two miles, kinda parallel to the canal channel, there are stump fields in 30 to 35 foot water.

I bet this technique would work given the right conditions. I use to fish around this drop in the 12 to 15 foot range with crankbaits, little George and CR and did fairly well. This spot was good for me normally in late winter and early summer. The bite shut down mid summer and I would bet they went in that deep hole. Back then I never gave it a thought. If you get a chance try it and let me know.

I also believe there is some deep water over by Duck Pond and Tiny Lunds hole. They also were stumpy and had some good hydrilla. I mainly fished the lower lake and these were my two best deep water areas. There was 20 to 25 outside of S&S campground but very little cover to hold the fish but was a good deepwater spawn and staging area for the sandy flats outside of S&S
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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