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Chummin a fishin hole

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How many times have you passed a fresh roadkilled varmit on your way to the river or lake? If you want to attract bream and cats to a hole that you like to fish. Pick up those fresh roadkills and put them in a onion sack. Tie the sack on over hangin limbs upstream from the hole you want to chum and in a few days maggots will be fallin thru the holes in the onion sack into the water and the fish will gather to eat em.
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man Id hate to be downwind of that sack! lol

Other than the stench, that sounds like it would work great. I bet it would work just as well to buy a bunch of beef liver or some cheap meat, or animal parts, to toss in the sack if ya cant find, or dont wanna mess with, road kill. Ya think?
Hey, their is more than one way to "skin a cat." LOL
Texas Bass Pro said:
Hey, their is more than one way to "skin a cat." LOL
OMG! LMAO!!!!!!!!! :rofl1:
Man, Pegleg we have got to party. Of all the post on here yours intrigue me the most.
That's gross!!! Yuc, yuc, yuc :rofl1:
once again pegleg you made me smile :D Dave
In an old catfish magazine, a fellow wrote an article in which he fished a place for a couple of days, using traditional baits, with no success. He passed a possum that had been hit the day prior, and went back and got it, cut the meat into chunks, and proceeded to catch all the catfish he wanted. The fishing period was during the dog-days of summer. So, you can imagine the stench that possum carried after 24 hrs. of heat and decay.

If I catch fish during the day I will have them cleaned before night fall so I can through the guts and heads into the water hoping to attract gar and catfish. I then use some cut bait for my bait. I never thought of using road kill like that. It is a wonderful idea and I will definately be trying that! Catfish on opposums... gotta try it just to say I did. :fishing01:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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