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Choosing a dedicated rod manufacturer.

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Over the last couple of months I have been paying more and more attention to the rods that I have been looking at, and I am having problems deciding which manufacturer I want to stick with and stay with. My hopes is that after staying with a manufacturer for all my rod needs, that I will be able to be part of their pro-staff, especially after I start fishing tournaments again.

So far, I have been looking at Castaway Rods, All-Star Rods, Falcon Rods, and St. Croix Rods. I have been leaning toward Castaway Rods, cause several angling friends use them.

What do you think? :D
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I have a buddy that is sponsored by Castaway and he likes them so far, he was sponsored by G-Loomis but he switched because Loomis wouldn't warranty his free rods. Another new one is All Pro Rods which is now sponsoring the Florida Bass Federation and giving all members up to 40% discount, here is a link for All Pro - They gave a bunch of them away at the state championship, I didn't win one but I would have liked to try a free one!
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