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I have two chatterbaits that I want to sell.  I really have three but one goes to nwgabassmaster.

Size- 3/4 oz
colors- Brown....Yellow

They are not in there packages but are still new.  They have never touched the water.

Price-  $10 for both plus shipping.

If interested please email me at [email protected] or send me a PM

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I make chatter jigs and sell them if anyone else is looking. $4 includes shipping and the trailer.

more colors available

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Those are some nice looking baits. I may hit you up for some. Can you send me a list of all the colors that you offer? Thanks

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White Black

White Gold

Red Black

Red Gold White

Red Orange Yellow


Chartreuse White

Chartreuse Green Orange

Chartreuse white black flake

Blue Black


Email me @ [email protected]

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You do realize the words Chatter BaitTM is a Trade Marked item and if you are found selling these baits by Rad LuresTM they will sick there legal team on you. They are good at that, just a heads up. I've battled a few companies and I'm just passing on the info ;)
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