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As I assumed, everyone and their brother is working fast to make rip offs of the chatterbait.
I just found this one and they actually have the baits in stock so I order a couple more. :dance01:
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Well, at least now we have something to have comparisons with. LOL Jared, order any Baby Paca Craws? If so, I hope that a bag gets lost on the way and stops at my house. LOL ;D
Maybe if enough companies make them the price will come down.. I did notice the Gambler ones at BPS are about $ 2.00 cheaper then the bait store I got mine at.. I plan on going to BPS next week and hopefully pick up a couple more of them. ( if they are not sold out ) .. Plus get me a flippen rod or two.. Oh, and Zoom products are 25% off too lol.. BAIT MONKEY HERE I COME lol rofl
Wow, Zoom. LOL I love Zoom. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. ;D Are all the products 25% off? I might have to go to BPS in ATL and see if they have the same deal going on or not. If they do, I need to get a bag of the Zoom Baby Brush Hogs. I have two bags of the regular Brush Hogs, and those things are HUGE! LOL

I might have to see if they have a version of the chatterbait as well and give them a whirl.
When I get mine, I plan on studying it carefully and seeing how hard it would be to make my own. From what I remember from  the ones I had last year they didnt look hard to make at all. As it stands now i have tons of piano wire from my other hobby, wooden scale aircraft modeling. And yes, if I can figure out how to make them, I will make enough for all of us   :cheers:
Looks like all that you would have to is to take a bass jig, make a small harness for the lip of it, and then cut some metal out to make the lip. Finding the right angle of pitch of the lip would be next, and then welding it in place, or tightly wiring it into place.

I may be wrong, which happens more times than not, but that seems like it would be all it would take to make one. :-\
Kewl deal Jared !!!

John, yes all Zoom products for the Orlando BPS are 25 % off.
On the back cover of circular
So its not for all the BPS?
the lip is hinged :) There is really no angle to worry about! :)
Yea, I Googled up some pics of it, and I see what mean about it being hinged. Still shouldn't be too difficult to replicate.
Tex, I do not know if its for all BPS .
ngwabassmaster-- can you post a close up pic of the bait. Try to focus in on the head and blade.
I will pull out a Gambler Knock off from my tackle box tomorrow and take a few pictures of it ( As close as I can from different angles ) and post them.

Im off to see my friend Dennis' kids play baseball now.
Here are some pictures I took of the Gambler swim blade
Thanks for the pictures guys.
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