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This is one of the bigger charter boats here in the UK

A new charter boat has been docked at Sunderland fish quay
Prices are £40 for a full 12 hour trip. tackle hire, tea, coffee, meals also available.
Hot and cold running fresh water, full central heating, dining area with TV
The boat is fully licenced for 12 anglers
The boat is equiped with all saftey features, ship to shore radio, GPS, satalite navigation. life jackets. Every angler will be issued with a life jacket. A full safety talk/instructions will be given to the anglers onboard

The boat is an Ex fisheries protection vessel, all steel and solidly built, She was launched in 1972 and still going strong.

Here she is

The boat also has a flushing toilet, full service galley, three cabins, two doubles and one single, all cabins have their own wash hand basin, there is also a private shower room onboard

Shower, a new shower will be fitted

Port side

Starboard side

Fishing area

The owner plans to have a chiller section fitted for the days catch. Terminal tackle may also be bought onboard.
Trips for 36 hours would also be possible.Meals on the longer trip would be included in the price

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Is there a minimum amount of people that has to go before the boat will go out ?

I was gonna go out on one in Mass, but the guy said if he didnt get at least 10 people he wouldnt go out. ( there was only 3 of us that showed up that morning :( )

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thats one helluva boat! What do they fish for off it?

The only problem I see with the boat is.... no foot controlled trolling motor and no pedastal seat on the front deck LOL just kiddin lol But could you imagine? Let me have that boat for a while so I can ******* it out LOL
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