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Changing Out Split-Rings?

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I am curious how many of you change out split-rings on your crankbaits?

I am thinking of buying some of these:

and changing out the split rings on my crankbaits with them. It makes sense to me as it seems safer by not allowing your line to get into the split area of the ring.

Thoughts on this please?
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I love cranks and consider myself a fair chunk and wind technition. I check my line often and look for issues such as this. I can count the times my knot or line caught itself in the split on one hand. It has happen but not very often.

I have bought newer cranks with these d-rings and they work fine and will admit they do offer a little more action, but I normally tie a loop knots to accomplish this.

I believe it comes down to personal preference and the cost and time investment is worth it for a little insurance.

As a side note there are new teardrop split rings out there that do the same thing and based on which end you tie the line to alters the wobble of the bait.

The Excalibur Tear Drop Split Ring is designed to enhance the performance of any bait, whether cast or trolled. Our unique design allows the angler to tie at either end of the ring without the line making contact with the split area and actually changes the behavior of the bait depending on which side of the ring the bait is attached. The narrow end keeps the bait in a tight wiggle and the wide end allows for a more wide wobbling action.

Hope this helps.
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