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CFF 8: Lake Guntersville.

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The CFF held their tournament on Lake Guntersville in Scottsboro, Alabama today. The proceeds of the tournament are going directly to the American Cancer Society (ACS), for research on how to cure cancers and research on various vaccines for treating cancers.

As soon as the reports go up, I will post them here. :)
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This is the report that BPrice, who is a member of the CFF, post on the forums. All names included are handles from the CFF. Considering the heat, and the pressure that the anglers are putting on G-ville this time of year, the winning weight was a shock to a lot of folks.

Hey folks,

Man what a great turnout, and a great day to be on the water. We had 20 boats total, on what turned out to be a really tough day of fishing for most of us. I'll keep it brief, post the results then let everyone give their reports! Overall CFF raised $400 for the American Cancer Society!!! Tater came through in the clutch, his boat had a whopped 18.91 lbs!!! With the tourneys big fish at 6.48 lbs!!! Congrats buddy!!!!!

Folks: Please email Dhaun your pictures so he can create a gallery.

-52 Bass Caught w/ only 2 Dead Fish (good for a hot summer day with water temps touching 90 in places). Luckily they went home with some folks for a good ole fish fry.
-139.01 Lbs Total
-2.67 lb average per fish!
-6 limits were weighed in: Tater/Todd, Cutthroat/Rigsby, RangerRob/Davo, HanginMoss/FishnTenn, cmgrant/BRPower45, and Badbass/Friend.

1st: Tater Team - 18.91
2nd: HanginMoss/FishnTenn - 14.23
3rd: RangerRob/Davo - 12.83
4th: Cmgrant/BRPower45 - 12.56
5th: Cutthroat/Rigsby - 11.63
6th: Badbass/Friend - 11.21
7th: PaulJ/Thomas - 10.78
8th: TritonCarl/Burger - 8.31
9th: Flip1Up/2Jigs - 8.15
10th: Jmax/CCSM - 5.84
11th: Junebug/VanJr - 5.35
12th: Bprice/CooperJD - 4.65
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