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Caution with overload

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Bass fishing is supposed to be fun and we all need to remember this simple fact, bass have a brain about the size of a bean. We don't need to outsmart them, just know something about there habits, what food they eat and where they are likely to be at the time we are out on the lake trying to catch them.
Studing all the stuff we post can be confusing. If you feel that too much information is hurting your success or making the experience a hassle, just sit back and go fishing and enjoy the experience. Bass can't read, so they will not be confused at all and only want to eat, rest, spawn and keep out of harms way.
The problem sometimes knowing too much, you eliminate where the bass really are. A Arkie friend of mine once told me "if they are where they ain't, then fish where they ain't!

Ps; corrected Arkie's statement.
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Super advice - I agree sometimes information overload can be dangerous and can interfear with success. I will give you a great example of this. On Sunday I fished an ABA Tournament on Toho. Now that lake is talked about in many magazines, seen on many fishing programs and tons of Info is available to assist the angle.

On Sunday, it was raining early then cleared, very cold with 30mph winds. The lake was white capping and it was just miserable. My partner and myself talked about where we should fish and we did follow all the local knowledge. we had at our disposal.

We stayed right outside the landing and threw CR rigs, Trapps, and Crankbaits all day long in an area about the size of a football field. We both caught fish and placed well in the event. :) We didn't win, but we did not let the information at our disposal cause us to make bad decisions and possibly fish less productive areas.
I know that feeling too. That's like when we are out trying to figure something out I always say "that's what the book tells us to do" but the fish are definitely reading a different book!
He must of been from deep Arkansas because I can't understand a word of what he told you. :D
Hey now, I thought everyone understood the language of Arkansas! I mean everyone knows that "y'all" means "use guys". Maybe I need to produce an Arkie to English conversion dictionary!!!! :rofl2: :rofl1:
I'm a real Arkie and can't decipher "if they are where ain't, the fish where they ain't!"

I guess they had me in a special needs class growin up without my knowin it. ???

Sorry, I hate to say it, but that went over my head too and I work with some MAJOR ******** so I usually understand most anything lol
Translation; if they are not where they are supposed to be, then they are where are not supposed to be. Simple, it only took me 30 years to understand what Arkie met.
Example; The EverStart/Stren tournament held at lake Havasu recently, #3,000 entry fee, was tough fishing for almost everyone, if you caught one bass you got a pay check. The conditions were the normal transitional weather expected this time of year and pre fishing the pros located bass. However on tournament days, the water temperature was 49 degrees and the weather was cold and windy. The majority of the field fished deep points and break lines. The few die hard river fisherman ran up lake to the shallow river tulle's and flipped. The pro's that camped out on the deep structure all day and never moved caught a few bass, as did the river flippers. The tournament was won by fishing the inside shallow water between the bank and the tulle's where the dark silt mud created the warmest water available and the bass where facing the bank from inside the tulle's. One fisherman figured that out and my guess is that is where he usually fishes. If they ain't where they are, the fish where they ain't. How did Arkie know that?
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Ouachita said:
I'm a real Arkie and can't decipher "if they are where ain't, the fish where they ain't!"

I guess they had me in a special needs class growin up without my knowin it. ???

It makes alot more since now! Thank you. Sorry to stump all you ******** >:D
Didnt have me kerfuzed not one bit. 8) If the fish ain't where they orta be then fish where they ort notta be. DU-U-UH! :-\ I think.
Bumped this up to revisit it.
A good friend of mine, Don Iovino, always fishes with a small bag of tackle and a few outfits, when we fish together. Don keeps it simple.
I'm always amazed how Don can keep on top of the bite at nearly any lake and develop a new technique or lure presentation. One reason is; a tremendous knowledge of bass habits and time on the water allows Don to focus on what is working on that lake at that time.
It's easy to go fishing fish with 1 or 2 outfits and a small bag of tackle when you know what the bass are doing. This allows you to focus on specific presentations and techniques.
The question is; does Don know what is working or just focusing on a few lures and presentations? I believe it's a combination of both, keeping it simple has a lot of merit, especially when the bass are biting what you are fishing with.
I was a bit distracted with lots of pains when ya'll talked all that. I'm coming around, trying to think the fishing cycle out for friends. A fishin' bud that lives down my street just stopped by to show me some pics of nice bass caught off a deep mid-lake island point. He says they were "maybe 4 pound, one scaring 5." I said "There ain't no bass there this time of year." He repeated the exact location, and sure enough bass are not supposed to be there this time of year in 40 feet of open water. They ought to be spawning, or somewhere near spawning areas. "But they ain't, Jim. I couldn't find a bite in any of our old spawn areas. They are biting right there where they shouldn't be. The water temp is right shallow, too cold deep. I think they are still in winter mode. I'm going back tomorrow and check that out. Dang confusin'. Take a pill and be ready." Well, I'll take the meds but won't climb in. I'd fall in da lake fer shure.

The object lesson is bass are where dey R, not so much where we say dey shud be. Lots of anglers right now are goin' out dere every day tryin' to figer dose bass out, always lookin' in shallow sunny water for spawnus. But dose bass R not followin' R rules. Start by da rules, den fish where U find em.

They are somewhere between the spawn beds and winter stompin' grounds in this area. All this news coming to me that way and by phone and has me wondering whether those bass sort of just know there's a late winter frost coming. Our last frost date is April 14, and we have had some awfully cold weather right up to then.

So sure enough, I asked around and the water temp is still in the low 50's, and I figure at best the male LMBs are finishing up their scouting, picking out bedding areas, and they will not be distracted to eat an artificial lure while doing that. If not then where are the bass feeding? They are holding onto their winter feeding habit in deep water. The females will slowwwwwly give that up, slowwwwly moving shallower. My neighbor is on them, the bed anglers are too early. Dang I wish I could get out there!

See there? The bassers are smarter these days, knowing the spawn is coming, but most are operating on information overload, fishing technically correct, not just fishing by end-stink. You should be poking all the knowledge you can find away for a rainy day. I remember questioning most of what they called "knowledge" in the first 12 years of school, wondering why in the world anyone cared about ancient Greeks. Well, now I know you retrieve whatever you stored up when you need it for something.

Right now all a feller needs to know is water temp down there where the bass make beds. It's too cold!!!!! But they say it sure is nice in the coves, beautiful weather, low wind.....Well......Get back out there to the islands near the old river banks. They winter there and some spawn there, the best of two worlds.
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I kinda understood, musta took one too many shots to the head in my youth. Some day I'll learn this lesson, get hooked on what happened 2 days ago & have a tough time shaking it, must be an oldfart thing. Sorry to hear about your pain Jim, will send some prayers your way.
This is pretty much what I was trying to say when I posted about water temp., and how we some times put too much emphasis on what the "books" say! For instance, last week I fished a two day tournament, the water temp was 40-42degrees! I caught two smallies on a rattle trap!! and one on a jerk bait. In the main channel, where all the local guys say you can't catch them, this time of year.By the way one of the smb went 4.05 lbs and was big smb for the tournament :dance01:! So yes I think we some times get too much info for our own good.
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