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Catfish Soap

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I make my own. A pound of lard or Ivory hand (bar) soap, tsp of anise, cup of wheaties, 3 tablespoons of Corn Starch, tsp of crushed garlic (whole if using a blender), and 1/4 cup of ice cream salt, bag of small cotton balls.

Heat mixture just enough to dissolve lard or soap, without the anise. Mix until creamy. Add the anise. Pour into a cookie sheet about 3/4" deep. Lay out rows of cotton balls on a cookie sheet, pressed into the mixture. Place in freezer to set up. Remove and slice into cubes. Keeping cotton balls in neat rows helps slice.

Once set up they stay set up at room temperature. The cotton prevents them from breaking up on a hook.

Ha!! Jim can you give me that recipe for the scents again I lost the last one. I have been hounding Tom and he assured me it wasn't his. I can't find where we talked about making your own scents. BTW, I went to Dardenelle in 03 some red neck was catching the crap out of catfish(whitecats) on soap. I couldn't hardley believe it I thought he was jacking with me, a tourist. He was serious though. He had a bunch of fish!
thats pretty cool jim!

I remember as a little kid we use to fish for carp with some sort of jellow and we would put cotton balls in the jellow so it would stay on the hook.
imonembad said:
Ha!! Jim can you give me that recipe for the scents again
Ooo Id be interested in that too :thumbup01:
I melt some Ivory hand soap and Crisco together (50-50), not too hot, enough to fill a baby food jar, then before it cools and hardens add about 7 drops of anise oil and 1/8 tsp of garlic oil. Screw the cap on and you're ready to go. Smear it on your hands before handling a lure or line. Smear it on the line to make it float. It turns out with a consistency like Vaseline.

I've never heard of this, one of these days, i will definetely try it! Thanks!

San :)
heard that the soap works good too but never tried it, guess i gonna have to now
I had a buddy who claimed he did very well with plain Ivory soap, cut into 1" squares. Never tried it personally, but he swore by it. Me, I'm a nightcrawler man for 1-10 lb. cats (which is what I primarily chase these days).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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