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Catch n Release SHARK Tournament???

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Yes, you read that right. And that's exactly what I saw on ESPN2 Sunday. It was organized by a group called Mad Fin. They fished the tournament off of The Florida Keys.

From what I understood they had to catch sharks 5 foot long or longer. The sharks must be released alive. There was extra points given for there being less than 3 foot of leader left in the sharks mouth. Even crazier was the fact that there were bonus points given if you removed the hook completely from the sharks mouth!

Crazy or what?? lol

I think I am sticking with bass fishing! lol

Anyone else see this program?

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It's been on for a couple of years now, if I am thinking about the same one. It's actually not that bad. Sharks have been given a bad repuatation, just like snakes, spiders, and the rest of the "scary" animals that Hollywood has used to make money.

If you all get the chance to watch it, see how many of the people turn the shark on it's back. Studies have proven that if I can get the shark to stay on it's back, that it will settle down and go into a bit of a trance like state, which makes hook removal easier.

Nah, it's not crazy, if you pay attention to what you are doing. Sharks can be some of the most docile creatures. I think that it's great that they are doing a C&R tournament for sharks.
What boat would have a livewell that could hold 5 sharks? ^-^ Would YOU want 5 live sharks in the boat with ya? Would you want ONE shark in a bassboat? Not me. C&R sounds good in that case. I wonder whether one could take a chunk out of a glass boat? Eat your sonar?

Eh, I don't think that I would like 25 ft. of sharks, alive in the boat with me. LOL

Shark fishing is fun. I went down to Texas, off the Gulf Coast, with my parents one year, when we visited my aunt and uncle. While swimming in the waters, folks were catching small sharks, like 2 ft. long, all over the place.

So, we decided that evening to try to get some redfish and shark in the surf. Using live shrimp and small croakers, we ended up with a couple of small reds, that we let go, and several (20 or more) 2 ft. sharks. IN THE EXACT SAME AREA WE WERE SWIMMING! LOL

So, that proved to me that sharks aren't dangerous unless you provoke them, or you harass them.

They had also had a huge jellyfish migration the week before, and the remains could be seen all over the beach. Really kind of a cool trip down there.
Yeah that'd be a helluva livewell aye? lol

What they were actually doing was pulling the fish to the side of the boat, measuring it, and then releasing it. On board each boat was an Official who verified the catches and recorded the points. Still, it was pretty nerve-racking seeing this 9 foot long shark thrashing and twisting along side the boat as the angler reached down with a pair of pliers to try and remove the hook from the sharks deadly jaws.
I have watched shark fishing tournaments on tv , but I think it was from Mass. ( around the Cape )
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