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Can't get ahead!

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Just when I thought I might gain some ground my truck left me sit the night before last, transmission I believe. I thought Jasper transmissions were reliable? I got 212k miles on my original and only 102k on the Jasper, what's up with that? The warranty was good for 75k miles or by January 9, 2007, can you believe this crap! :mad:As soon as I get the word on an accurate diagnosis Jasper is getting a call. :mad:
I might have to start working three jobs like our good friend Mary. :'(
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Sheesh Shannon, I know the feeling though.

Maybe it will be something more simple and not cost to much $$ to correct.

My buddy Dennis had his transmisson go out in his truck. Took the people 4 times to get everything correct and he got the life-time warrenty with it. ( of course he dosent have the truck anymore though lol )
I am a auto tech. and use jasper quite a bit, they are a good company but sometimes this happens. I doubt that they will warrenty this. Did you change the trans fluid every 30k miles on it and have receipts?
Shannon, if you have a place I would get a chilton manual and do it your self. If the vaulve body is not the problem than putting in the clutches is fairly easy.
Can't do it myself because I don't have tools for that kind of work. Yes I kept the fluid changed and it still looked good. No it isn't something simple they just called, its toast! $2596.00 for re-build, labor, and install with 100,000 mile / lifetime warranty from Eagle transmission. It wouldn't be as expensive if not for the 4-wheel drive. That cost doesn't include the leaking oil cooler lines and brakes they are putting on as well.
Rodney I was hoping your luck didn't blow over my way, damn prevailing wind, ha ha.
I'm still calling Jasper for sure.
Oh man Shannon! Sorry to hear about that! I know how you feel. I had to have my tranny rebuilt last spring. I missed the entire spawn just about because I had no truck to pull my boat with.
best of luck to you buddy.

I'd have to load a single bullet in the chamber and shoot the thing.  I've got 122,000 on mine and thank goodness so far so good.  But I know the day's comming when I'll have to put 'er down!!  Wonder if you can tow a boat with a horse!! ;D ;D
Shannon, sorry the bad luck I was having blew over your way
Thats one way of combating the bait monkey. Spend all your dough on your vehicle!
:banghead: :cussin: That sucks, Shannon. Mine will probably go out the month after I make the last payment- in june. It's just ironworker luck, can't have nuthin nice. :mad:
Hi steel you got that right, that's when it went out last time shortly after that final payment. :banghead: |!!|
That definitely puts the damper on new rods / reels this year as well as maybe a tournament or two. :'(
Shannon, Not sure how you feel about recycled parts, but you do have that option as well and it will reduce the overall cost/

Most auto garages will do the service and installation for you for a small labor fee. If you are mechanically inclined and have a few basic tools you might be able to save more if you install it yourself.

Most salvage yards keep pretty good records around mileage on the vehicle it came out of so you can gauge the life expectancy of the part you are buying. I would also suggest you ask how long the recycled transmission has been out of use. Sometimes the seals can get hard and start to leak if it sat around too long at the salvage yard. Some of the more reputable salvage yards also provide a 90 to 120 day warranty of the part in case there is an immediate issue with the part purchased.

Microtek60 since you are a auto technition, what are your thoughts on the use of recycled parts to help alleviate the financial impact and reduce the down time on Shannon's vehicle?

There are some who would avoid the use of recycled parts like the plague. Some question the dependability of recycled parts, but it certainly can be a immediate cost savings and defer the cash outlay for a rebuilt or new tranny until another day.

Just thought I toss out this option - Good luck and sorry for the missfortune.
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I have a lemon of a vehicle in a 97 chevy blazer ( my wife's car) About every thing that can break down has. We have had to put a new engine ($3200). The fuel pump ($800) and the trany ($2200) are used and that cut the cost of getting the thing up and running. I have not had any problems with the used parts but that is just luck I'm sure. My mechanic is real good about giving me some lead way if the stuff doesn't work right, which is as rare as hens teeth most don't care. It was hard for me to justify putting all that cash into an old wore out vehicle when it would have made a great down payment and trade in. This is hands down the worst vehicle that I have ever owned. just my 2 cents. Drew
Good luck Shannon. I don't know what I would do if I had car trouble right now.
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