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By request I have created a child board off of Californias board for the California Delta region. Thank you Defender for the suggestion.

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Thanks for the board Jared.
Are there any other delta Anglers?
Youre welcome :)

Like I said this site is for YOU the members and we will do whatever it takes to make ya feel at home :)

As far as other Ca Delta anglers.. well I dont know for sure, but hopefully we will get more, lots more. :) By all means, invite any you may know :)

hey all you guys in cali WHATS UP?!stoping by from the nafc CLUB :wack:, i fish part of the delta weekly, it is the hole Merced river, it is considerd delta if you buy a fishing lic. but not sure if you all consider it that way too, i pretty much know all the merced river and lack about 12 mile to finish it off from the last dam down to were it meets the san joaquin river(big diffrents in water clarity) not much bass caught on the san joaquin side total diffrent ball game, i have also done alot of the upper merced river from Bagbey up to El Portal too.... if it's to do with the Merced river i can try to help! send a pm! and will see you out there! :D wow spell check that will make a few guys happy!LOL
I fish the Cal delta a bunch and love it. This body of water has it all. My personal best 14.7 lbs :sncflagwave:

Broker Bob
wow 14.7! nice fish! :clap:
The Delta is my stomping grounds, by far the most productive of all the northerbn Cali. fishing locations. Year round, this is were I fish 99.9% of the time. Large mouth, smallies, stripers, salmon, its got what you want.
I fish out of Rio Vista. Linesides and Dinos.
This is how we do it in the Delta....1/2oz. chrome rat-L-trap

and a small keeper striper on a 1/2oz fire tiger rat-L-trap

we also caught 4 decent black bass, but we catch and release black bass...
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Mighty long snout on that first bass, hitman. ;) Keep 'em coming, brother! we do love the pics! :thumbup01:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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