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Buzzbaits In The Winter??????

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Anyone ever heard of this? I never did until I witnessed it while fishing with my club a few years ago during a winter tournament.

It was a typical South Carolina Winter but for a couple days we went from sitting in the 40s to being sunny and in the 50's. Water temps were still in the 40s but I guess the sun and warmer weather for those two days was enough to bring some fish shallow. I'd have never thought that but when the guy I was paired up with pulled out a big Hawg Caller buzzbait and began churning up the water I almost spit out my coffee in laughter. It wasnt too long before my boater was the one laughing as I netted a 4lbr for him. That fish a couple more inhaled the buzzbait.. in frigid water... in the dead of winter.

I cant say that I have caught buzzbait bass in the dead of winter since then but God knows Ive tried every so often. Like I said, if I hadnt witnessed it Id not have believed it!

Has anyone ever heard, seen or done this?

Tattered Thumbs n Bigguns, Jared
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I have heard of this before but never tried. At lake Gaston there is a real good topwater bite and on days that the sun is out and the temp is higher than normal I know that the fish will come back to the shallows
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