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Buzzbaits In The Winter??????

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Anyone ever heard of this? I never did until I witnessed it while fishing with my club a few years ago during a winter tournament.

It was a typical South Carolina Winter but for a couple days we went from sitting in the 40s to being sunny and in the 50's. Water temps were still in the 40s but I guess the sun and warmer weather for those two days was enough to bring some fish shallow. I'd have never thought that but when the guy I was paired up with pulled out a big Hawg Caller buzzbait and began churning up the water I almost spit out my coffee in laughter. It wasnt too long before my boater was the one laughing as I netted a 4lbr for him. That fish a couple more inhaled the buzzbait.. in frigid water... in the dead of winter.

I cant say that I have caught buzzbait bass in the dead of winter since then but God knows Ive tried every so often. Like I said, if I hadnt witnessed it Id not have believed it!

Has anyone ever heard, seen or done this?

Tattered Thumbs n Bigguns, Jared
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I couldn't get the buzzbait bite to go this fall. I think the water cooled off to fast and messed it up its been in the upper 20s the last two nites. Arkie says he doesn't think the water has turned over yet but he is farther south than I am.
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