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Getting ready to leave for the BUTLER CHAIN in Windermere. ( Alot of famous people live over there or at least have houses there )

Our April tournament will be held here and hopefully I will be able to find a few spots. I went there Saturday with Al and hit Lake Tibet, Sheen and Pocket. Today I plan on going the opposite direction and hit a few of the lakes in that direction.
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Hey rodney,
We are going to Butler this Saturday for a club tourney, I haven't had time to pratice this time around, but when you went up into Lake Down did you go up to the left in that corner? Is the hydrilla still there? How is water clarity? I will let you know how I make out by Monday. I'm still absolutely swamped at work and our boss is taking the company bottom fishing on the Ocean Obsession out of Port Canaveral this Friday, I will try and get some pictures.
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