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Getting ready to leave for the BUTLER CHAIN in Windermere. ( Alot of famous people live over there or at least have houses there )

Our April tournament will be held here and hopefully I will be able to find a few spots. I went there Saturday with Al and hit Lake Tibet, Sheen and Pocket. Today I plan on going the opposite direction and hit a few of the lakes in that direction.
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Well, I went and I saw lol

I went to Waseon Bay < sp > first and seen one small buck on the bed. He was about 20 feet from a line of pads. But he didnt want what I was offering . I messed around in there for a bit longer then left for Lake Downs.

On Lake Downs I boated 3 ( about 1 1/4 -- 1 1/2 pounds each ) All came on a Alluring Brush Bug ( brush hog ) with 3/16th weight pegged. I found one bed with 3 fish on it, but they all was small.

I tried with a lipless crank for a bit and caught one jack.

I went to one spot on Lake Butler itself and seen probably 4 jacks cruiseing around in there so I left for Louisa.

In Louisa I missed 2 on a Fluke. I think the hook I was useing was to small, so of course I change it and not another hit on it lol.

Still got a few weeks till the tourney so I know I will be going a time or two more pre-fishing it.
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The water is pretty much clear. So far out of 2 trips I havent been able to get anything on topwater. Lipless crank I got 1 jack.

Check your PM, gonna leave ya a message.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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